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If you’re like any 18-23-year-old girl, you probably have a Pinterest account. It’s basically my bible. I use it for all things art inspo, outfit do’s and don’ts, snacks, and anything else my little brain thinks of. It’s my safe haven. It holds my ideas near and dear. I like having all of my creative fantasies housed in one aesthetically pleasing app. As I peruse this app at LEAST once a day, I tend to see trends across a variety of topics. While not all of this will necessarily apply to Pinterest, here are some of my recent favorites I’ve been shamelessly indulging in.


I have recently added a graphic design minor and I am really loving it. These are some design trends I have been seeing that have really interested me.

Gradients: I know they might be really simple and just a default design from Canva, I think, if done well, gradients are really cool. I think they work well to highlight typography and use color in a non-distracting way.

Words in shapes: Has anyone else watched the show Word World? Where every item is made of the letters that spell it? I used to love it as a kid, and this trend is that that reminds me of. I think it’s a cool way to convey a message and makes a design a lot more interesting. I have also been seeing it come a cross on a lot of clothing designs as well.

Ransom letters/collage/mixed media: this one might be kind of weird but I have always loved mismatched letters like this. The ripped paper adds the perfect amount of texture and I love it. Collages are just an easy and fun way to display media and if they are done well, they are super cool. The diner receipt is also a favorite. A picture of something with writing on it is really cool and adds a more personal level to designs.

Flat colors: I think simple shapes with flat colors will always be classic. When you use a more muted, pastel palette like the “newspaper” below, the design is a lot more appealing.

Fonts: This kind of font in particular has just been scratching the right itch in my brain. I like that it isn’t sharp, that the lines aren’t perfectly straight, and that each figure on its own is interesting to look at.


The weather has been so back and forth lately, but I am excited for it to be consistently fall so I can begin to wear my new favorite fall trends.

button ups and birks
sweaters and mini skirts
wide denim and bright colors
glossier future dew


This will probably be a favorite every month of the year, but Glossier’s Futuredew serum is unbelievable. I love how it feels on my skin, and it instantly elevates a look. I’m also a sucker for cute packaging, so of course, their marketing team just catered right to me.

jimmy choo “illicit flower”

I also recently found a teeny tiny bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume at TJ Maxx and I am obsessed. It is the perfect, sexy musky scent that stays on well and looks so cute in its little bottle. Safe to say it was worth the $7.



I have been working on curating my October playlist, and it’s been really fun. I have found that my current favorite feels for fall are songs with a cool story, some nice guitar, and overlapping voice tracks, such as:

Noah Kahan

Northern Attitude – Noah Kahan

My Little Love – The Weepies

Warm With You – Hayden Calnin

Whitehouse Road – Tyler Childers

Opaline – Novo Amor

How – Marcus Mumford and Brandi Carlisle


Personally, I think Christmas movies offer a lot more and have more notable classics than Halloween movies, but there are still a few gems for a movie night during the spooky season. A personal favorite in Hocus Pocus, but check out the revamped Hocus Pocus 2 if you need to add something new to your watchlist. It is just as fun and silly as the first one, and keeps the spirit of the Sanderson sisters alive.

I have also been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls this fall, and nothing feels more right. The nostalgia and images this show produces are everything. It just makes me so happy.

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  1. Jan says:

    Brandi Carlisle “The Joke” 😢
    Hocus Pocus 😁👍 haven’t watched 2 yet ☹️

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