My May Favorites

My May Favorites

These blogs usually start out happy and light, but I want to write about this for a little bit.

At the beginning of May, we lost our dog, Ruby. She passed away unexpectedly and it has been a very odd month. We still don’t know how she died, which doesn’t help with closure of any kind. I’ve never had to process anything like this before. The morning I found out, I almost hyperventilated. I’ve never had to be told something like that before. I laid in JJ’s bed at 6:30 am, and then just had to go to my 8 am class and go about the rest of my day like everything was normal. I’m glad I had him at school, as someone to hold me but also as someone who knew Ruby. Ruby had such a big personality in our house, that there’s now just an eerie emptiness. I think Winnie is lonely. We’ve always been a two-dog household, and I want another one. But I don’t want it to feel like we’re replacing her. And I don’t want my family to feel forced into getting a new one. But I also don’t want to sit around being sad about it anymore.

Grief is funny. I forget it has happened, and then feel horrible I forgot. I still can’t tell if I’ve fully processed that she’s actually gone.

I’m trying my best to appreciate my time and put effort into Winnie. I want to take more walks with her, play with her more, and still make her feel special.

Our cats have also been a lot more friendly lately. It feels good to put effort into our other animals. It makes me very happy and Pumpkin just had kittens too!


Back to our regularly scheduled content!

May has been such a busy month! Seen a lot, done a lot, and eaten a lot! I am excited about this summer season and I am ready to have a good summer.



I GOT A TATTOO!!!! My mom has a moon on her hip that I’ve always liked, but I wanted my own version. Hers is filled in with highlights and shadows, but I just wanted linework. I went to Electric Hive and had Rachel do my piece! She was absolutely amazing and made me feel so comfortable for my first tattoo. It was definitely a weird sensation, but I will totally be getting more. I love it so much and I am so happy I finally got to do it.

The final project for my 2D design class was a big collage. Like really big. Like…7 feet big. We had to cut and paste to create an entirely new environment. I loved finding kooky things to add to our piece to make it fun and weird. Collage is one of my favorite art forms and this was a really fun way to do it.

I recently sold a legit copy of one of my prints to a friend and it was so cool! It felt great to know that someone likes my art enough to want to hang it on their wall. Although I cannot make more prints while I’m home for summer, I am going to be selling quality photocopies of my prints as posters to make a bit of extra cash!

These are the 3 prints I could make copies of for you guys. I would be able to frame it or just give it to you as a poster. PLEASE reach out to me if you would like to purchase one!!!

One of these prints is my new etching! I finished it just before moving out and I really like it. It is an interesting version of a self-portrait and I think it was a step outside of my comfort zone and personal style.

Inspiration lately:


I am in the process of crocheting a dress! I’m excited, this is one of the biggest things I’ve made. I found the pattern and inspiration on tiktok. The girl made a really easy pattern and it’s so fun. Hers is white, but I’m making mine black. It’s sort of a coverup/maxi dress using cotton yarn and I’m so excited for it to be finished!

Some recent shopping finds:

My aunt bought me the famous Abercrombie dress for my birthday and I’m obsessed. It has a full jumpsuit underneath and it just fits any occasion. I feel so put together and I’ve been really loving navy blue lately.

I also found this old navy tube top on clearance and it is so awesome. It’s incredibly soft and it has a built-in bra, which allows me to feel so supported, in comparison to other tube tops. I could wear it every day of the week. I also bought a baggu dupe! I LOVE the real one, but it’s always out of stock and just so expensive. I found this one on Amazon for $14 and it’s great. It is SO deep, I had to sew a ribbon loop near the top so I don’t lose my keys. It seriously holds much it’s great. The only things different from the original are a slightly softer fabric and a non-woven strap.

Some more recent outfits 🙂

And some recent inspiration:


Before we left Des Moines, me and Jade tried Cheese Bar for the first time! The place is adorable and the staff is so nice. They were really knowledgeable about the menu, and it was one of the best meals of my life.

JJ and I also tried La Mie for breakfast and Eatery A for dinner in Des Moines for my birthday. La Mie was delicious. I think it was the best french toast I’ve ever had. Eatery A was so cool and classy and the meatballs were phenomenal. Highly recommend.


I’ve written before about a briogeo conditioner and spray that I’ve been using, but I’ve finally completed the trio. I was able to find the superfood conditioner to complete my lineup…and I love it. My scalp feels so clean, my curls are great, and it smells amazing. I’m obsessed.

I also started using body oil after showers instead of lotion and it’s so nice. Lotion doesn’t work for me for very long when it’s dry in the summer. The oil works for much longer and feels especially great after shaving. I just got a generic brand of Johnson’s baby oil and it works just fine.


Currently watching:

  • House M.D.
  • Rings of Power

Want to watch:

  • new Little Mermaid
  • new Spiderverse

May’s rotation:

  • Orange Juice – Noah Kahan
  • The Graduate – The Arcadian Wild
  • When The Lights Go Out – Patrick Droney
  • Take Some Time – Wilderado
  • Lowswimmer – Hailaker
  • Matchbox – Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Love Language – Zinadelphia


I am happy to announce that I have a summer internship! It is for a PR agency in the Twin Cities, and it is definitely interesting. It is hard being the youngest on the team, even though we’re small. One of the things we’re working on is better social media tactics, but there’s a decent generational gap in that area. The PR field also isn’t what I’m entirely used to. I know a lot about the video production we’re doing and how to report things, but the client relations and meetings are taking some getting used to. I am starting to get more tasks to take on and it’s a lot, but it’s interesting. On the plus side, I get to stay with JJ or Jordan a few days out of the week!

I am also super excited about my apartment next year! I have been looking around at things that I will need for next year. So far this is a chunk of my random list:

  • shaving footrest for the shower
  • suction shelves for the shower
  • pantry organization
  • drain covers
  • full-size mirror

Let me know if any of you have any suggestions or things that you would recommend!

One of my goals from previous blogs was to stay consistent with the gym. I got a membership at a gym by home for the summer and it is an adjustment. There are different machines, and I had to get used to going alone. But I’m actually really liking it. it feels good to have a routine that I’m used to. I wasn’t sure if I would actually like keeping up with it but I really do. I’m not necessarily seeing progress since I’ve been home, more like I’m staying at a constant.

This is the most random thing and a completely different topic, but I JUST GOT MY FRIST JELLYCAT!!! His name is Clemmie and he is a little orange I got him at a little plant store coffee shop, and he is just the cutest thing ever. He is so soft and makes me so happy and I highly recommend everyone getting a jellycat.

Thank you guys so much for all your support. I am so grateful that I feel comfortable talking about a variety of things on here. I am hoping to have a more uplifting post next month. Let me know if there are some sections that you guys would like me to add! Or anything else you think I should talk about 🙂

See you around. – a.g.l

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