My March Favorites

My March Favorites

Hi guys! This month was kind of all over the place. Writing this was a little difficult, but I tried to make this interesting. I think April will be really great, but I hope you guys still like this one.


I am so excited that I have had time to get back into the print studio this semester. I am not in a print class again, but I have been able to go in and have my previous professor help me out with making some prints in my free time! I received some print-making supplies for Christmas and attempted to make one while I was at home, but they are just not the same quality of tools I have access to here at school. I am currently working on a linoleum print of a moon, and then I plan to start an etching (the same method as my print that was in the art show) of a portrait of a girl. I am really excited and I plan to keep you guys updated!

I am also brainstorming the creation of seamless collage posts/love letter Instagram posts. Emma Topp is my FAVORITE content creator and she makes these little collage posts and calls them ‘love letters’ and I just love them. I have been seeing some REALLY good ones lately and I am looking forward to making one instead of just a regular photo dump. I think they are so creative and it really shows people’s creativity. I have made a few before and I have a lot of new ideas for my next one(s).

Here are some ideas I’ve seen recently for them:

The spring semester of Drake Mag is almost out. I got to design two spreads again this semester, and it was really fun. This issue is so amazing and I can’t wait for it to be ready. I am in awe of everything that the other designers continue to come up with and it motivates me to be better.

But: artist’s block is such a real thing. I have been feeling so creative lately, but have no clue what outlet to play with or what mediums to explore. I really want to make more personal art pieces and not just pieces for class. Pinterest is such an awesome space to get ideas, so I will just keep scrolling until I feel inspired.

Here is some recent inspiration:


I have still been loving my Birkenstock Bostons. It has been so fun finding new ways to wear them, and I am excited to find outfits for them to wear in the summer. One thing I have been enjoying is wearing fun socks with my birks. I got a really cute pack of socks at Target over break and they look so cute peaking out from between my jeans and my shoes. I also have a little pair of ankle socks with hearts on them that I’m obsessed with.

It is probably not surprising that I am still making more hats. I haven’t had a ton of time lately to work on them, but I did finish my blue on over spring break. I still have a red one and a black one left to go. The weather has been all over the place, though, so I’m hoping there’s still a few chances I can wear them before it is fully summer.

Recent outfit inspiration:


Although I did not try any new Des Moines coffeeshops in March, I did try a new one at home in Minnesota! I am scouting out new places for a barista job, and thought I would try this one out. It is called Spyhouse, and my friend Emma and I tried it out over spring break. It is in the lobby of a new hotel in town. There are locations in the cities, but this Rochester location opened up within the past year. The decor of this place is phenomenal. It is almost dark academia, but with some fresh elements here and there. The large dark wood bar is gorgeous. The large windows and live plants help balance out the darkness. Emma’s chai, and my latte were so yummy and I will definitely go again, although I don’t know if I will work here. It is on a very busy corner in town and parking is difficult, plus it would be pretty gloomy if it was not a sunny day.


Recently, Hogwarts Legacy, a Harry Potter video game, dropped for most gaming software. And my boyfriend and I love it. We each made characters to play through the storyline with. The characters are so customizable. The graphics are really impressive. It really makes you feel like you are at Hogwarts. He has played many many hours of the story, but I am only a few in. I am still getting the hang of how an xbox controller even works, but I am having fun learning. It is also fun for him to get to teach me something that he likes.

We also finally finished The Last of Us, with no shortage of big emotions. The story was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for season 2. I am really excited to see how they go about it. Inspired by my love for the show, I pitched a story about it for my reporting class and it took. I am writing a story about the science behind the show for the Relays edition of the Times Delphic, the newspaper on campus. I got to speak with an infectious diseases professor at Yale, a mycologist from the New York Botanical Garden, and a mycology PhD student from Clark college as sources for my paper. I have learned so much and the scientific elements of the show are now much more impressive.

this month’s music:

  • A Bit of Both – Allen Stone
  • Magic – Jordan Mackampa
  • Hold On – Lizzy McAlpine
  • The Scientist – Coldplay
  • Second Chances – Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Daft Pretty Boys – Bad Suns


This isn’t really that crazy, but I got a new haircut over spring break and it makes me really happy. I’ve realized that as long as I am okay with having short hair, I would like to keep it above my shoulders or as close as possible. Any longer is such an awkward length, so this short little length makes me feel pretty. I need to branch out on ways to style it besides straight and curly, though. If you have any suggestions, let me know 🙂

This is also so random, but I recently bought a scalp scrubber. When I have fake nails on and they get a bit grown out, washing my hair is really hard. I get strands of hair stuck under my nails and it’s gross. I don’t want to take my nails all the way off because usually, they aren’t that bad, but at this stage, I don’t feel like I am able to get my hair clean enough. That’s where the scalp scrubber comes in. I am able to just work my shampoo in with this scrubber and my nails are still intact. It also just feels really good.

current goals

  • taking good notes
  • staying consistent at the gym
  • getting Hinterland tickets
  • having fun with my current class projects
  • preparing for my apartment next year
  • saving money

Thank you guys again for reading! I am always open to other blog ideas, things you guys would like me to try out or do, or anything else! It means a lot to me that you guys still like these.

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