My August & September & October Favorites

My August & September & October Favorites

Hi guys. I know. It’s been so long. I have been in such a writer’s block, and navigating the start of this school year that I just have not felt inspired to write. But I am back! The last few months have been a little wild. I have been trying and dealing with new things, but I feel like that just comes with the college experience. I have missed writing for you guys. I really want to keep doing this and I am trying to be better. I am currently in a travel writing class, and I am working on finding my writing voice a little bit, writing about things I am actually passionate about. Thank you guys a million times over for anyone who reads even just a part of these blogs. From the bottom of my heart. I love sharing about the things and people I love. Strap in for this long overdue round-up of so many things I find to be so wonderful.



We’ve never gone on a trip like this just the two of us, so that was really fun. I got to show her campus and a few of my favorite spots in DSM.

Then, in the middle of nowhere Iowa, we sat through heat and rain and mud and had the time of our lives. We saw so many wonderful acts and I don’t think I will ever forget this weekend. Noah Kahan and Zach Bryan in the same night. I cried three times during Noah’s set. Zach’s set was one of the most fun things I have ever watched. The queen Maggie Rogers. She is a vision. So talented. Wallows. A blast. Joy Oladokun. Seriously such a cool person. I am still speechless about that weekend so just enjoy all of our silly pictures.

Like. We witnessed this. In person.

I also got to spend a few days over fall break with Rina at school! I’d never been to her campus before, but I’m familiar with the area. It was nice to hang out with her and see her in her element. It was raining most of the time I was there, but we found plenty of shenanigans to do. I also got to cuddle miss Charlotte, and enjoy a little sliver of fall at home.


Made a few more makeup bags!! Thrifted placemats are seriously the way to go for these. They are the perfect size, and bonus points if they’re quilted, which most are. I don’t have a ton of time here at school for a lot of crafting, but I definitely know how to make them now by heart.

As a little decor project for my apartment, I thrifted this pillow case and turned it into wall art! It is one of the most beautiful pillowcases I’ve ever seen, and SO soft, but was too big for any of the pillows I use. So I found these teeny frames at Joann’s and just cut out the embroidered details to fit the frames. And I’m obsessed with them! Definitely an easy thing to do with any cool textiles you find. I also made this little felt pennant to add to my gallery wall in my room.

Also waiting for my crocheted beanie obsession to kick back in, if you know you know.

Recent inspiration tidbits:


Lots of fun fashion things over the past few months. My friend Logan had an internship with a few boutiques in the next town over, so he let a bunch of our friends model for their social media. It was super fun and we got to wear some really sick pieces. Here’s Jude and I looking so cool.

Things I’ve bought recently that I love:

  • these men’s pajama pants from Target that are ACTUALLY LONG ENOUGH (thanks Rina)
  • this jumpsuit ! ? like are you kidding me! I have been looking for one of these for ages and this one was only $25 at tjmaxx
  • this cutie little hat I thrifted, even though I do not care about the Braves at all
  • my coffee coozie!! I absolutely hate when plastic cups sweat, and this lets me support a small business at the same time!

Also yes, I know, just another college girl who goes out, but I’ve kind of been killing it with the outfits lately. Rock and roll party, pirate party, Halloweekend, and just some other silly fun nights pictured below.

I have been OBSESSED with bows recently. But so is everyone else. But I just love it so much. It adds such a dainty and beautiful touch to everything. I love wearing them in my hair, but I also love seeing them on bedding, holiday decorations, and even tattoos (might have to get one of those). I even painted one on a bag. I love the air of girlhood they give, but personally, it also brings in my crafting history, which I love so much.

As always, some recent outfits:


Not a whole lot on the body front for this edition, but here are a few things I enjoyed recently.

Frenshe: this is Ashley Tisdale’s body product line, available at Target. I got the citrus amber perfume oil and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It is the most wonderful sexy and musky scent, and the price is definitely worth how long this is going to last. The packaging is also to die for.

My nails have been growing out really well recently, and I had a maroon manicure for a few weeks and it’s been a big hit. I feel like this dark red is really popular this fall, and I will fall for it every time.

I recently decided that I am going to attempt to grow my hair out again, which means I am immediately impatient. So I am trying the Mielle rosemary oil to stimulate some hair growth. Use a bamboo brush to stimulate your scalp first, then just drip the oil on your scalp, scrub it around a little bit, and then wear it as a mask once a week for 2-3 hours. It smells so good and although I don’t notice a huge difference yet, my hair feels so nice and soft after my showers.

I have also been trying to wash my hair less, so I have perfected my slick back routine for greasy hair. Get a good spray bottle, as well as a wax stick, a boar bristle brush, and a fine-toothed comb. Get your hair soaking wet and use the comb to slick everything back. Use the wax stick to smooth down your front pieces and any flyaways, and the bristle brush to smooth it even further. I still think I look like a wet egg when I do this, but it’s a trend at the moment and gives my hair a break between wash days.



I have been on a bit of a 2000s rom-com kick recently. Some latest picks are: Just Like Heaven, 13 Going On 30, The Choice, 27 Dresses, and What’s Your Number.



I have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by all of the collabs that have been happening recently. Noah and Zach, Noah and Lizzy, Lizzy and Niall, Noah and Hozier, Zach and Bon Iver, Noah and Kacey. So many beautiful and wonderful songs. It’s like whiplash hearing about new releases. I am just so grateful I get to exist at the same time as all of these people do.

Recent repeats:

  • Starting Over – Chris Stapleton
  • Joy Of My Life – Chris Stapleton
  • Atheist – Christian Lee Hutson
  • Dream Song – Shallow Alcove
  • Messengers – Wheelwright
  • Jump Then Fall (TV) – Taylor Swift
  • Colors – Black Pumas
  • I Remember Everything – Zach Bryan
  • Hey Driver – Zach Bryan
  • Godlight – Noah Kahan
  • Mother’s Love – The Vernon Spring


I finished the four core Emily Henry books! They single-handedly got me back into reading. I will never shut up about her. I already want to reread all of them. I’m thinking about asking for my own copies for Christmas. Oops. My ranking is Happy Place, People We Meet On Vacation, Book Lovers, and then Beach Read.

I also read Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes. I loved it!!! A small-town Maine widow sublets a room in her house to a washed-up baseball player, with no intention of discussing the things that went wrong in their lives.

I’m currently reading The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley. It is really interesting and I happened to read a plot twist this morning while I was eating breakfast but then I had to stop and go to class. I am excited to get back into it tonight.

Update: I finished it and cried. Please read it.


I started junior year! Classes haven’t been too hard, just still working through all of my required curriculum classes. We just had registration and I am taking another print class and I CANNOT wait. I’ve also been navigating feeding myself in my new apartment and being able to have my own room. I love how I decorated 🙂

Mom and Dad came to visit for parents weekend. A very interesting conglomerate of vibes.

Been seeing a lot of my cutie twin friends Kath and Laura this year! I have a car on campus finally, so I was able to go and see them for the uiowa versus iowa state game, which was insane. I forget sometimes how big colleges can actually be. I had so much fun and I got to meet all of their friends! Then they came up by me for a few hours so we could cheer Laura on during a half marathon! It has been nice to have close friends outside of Drake that I can go and experience new things with. I just love them 🙂

Also: this black and white picture of us legit changed my and Laura’s lives. We look at it multiple times a day, and we can’t stop talking about it. And it’s been two months.

I also started a new job! I am a bartender at a cute restaurant near campus. This is my first off-campus job here at college. I’m excited to make actual money. I get to make coffee and cocktails and it has been refreshing to learn something new. I am having a lot of fun with my coworkers and it’s been interesting to be forced out of my comfort zone.

If you made it this far, good job. Writing this again is already making me look forward to next month’s post. I think writing these has helped me attempt to be more observant about the things I am enjoying in my day-to-day life. Thank you for appreciating this little corner of my world.

Love you all. – a.g.l

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