My Closet Staples

My Closet Staples

I always get asked how I have such good outfits. And I will fully admit to just stealing them from Pinterest. About 10% of what I wear comes from my own brain. But that’s okay! That’s what Pinterest is for. I love recreating things other little ladies have already worn, but with my own twist and my own pieces.

I’ve heard of the whole “capsule closet” thing, and I think that would just be too limiting. I also don’t like looking the same all the time.

I prefer to have a few staples that I can rotate in with my other pieces to create variations of outfits. These consist of basics, favorites, and some funky little things. And I want to talk about them!


Plain sweatshirts: this has been one of my new favorite basics for this colder season. My favorites are this Fabletics crewneck, literally any plain Gildan hoodie, and the multiple others I have thrifted.

Sweatsuits: wearing two matching pieces is literally one of the easiest ways to make an outfit. They don’t even have to be bought together. Even different shades of the same color work just as well. I highly recommend it.

Flannels: everyone already knows flannels are great. People go feral for them at Goodwills. Layer them over a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a tank top, leggings, sweatpants, or whatever you desire. Or just wear them as a regular slouchy button-up.

Baby tees: people have different definitions of baby tees, but I just like the little tight ones in plain colors. My go-to’s are these ones from Urban, Target, and Free People. They’re incredibly versatile and just plain comfy.


Yoga pants: I don’t care if you guys call me basic. They’re comfy, flattering, and go with everything. My favorites are from Fabletics and aerie, though I thrifted both of my pairs of these brands.

Leggings: Again. Same statements as above. Comfy, match everything, soft. They can be used in almost every scenario.

Jeans: I think I will forever be shopping for jeans. I have been lucky enough to thrift my favorite pairs. Or unlucky? I can’t buy them as a repeat in the same color just because I like them so much. But I can treasure them and smile with every compliment I get from them. My favorites are from Lee, Zara, and a random pair of carpenter jeans that are currently at the tailor as I write this, but I will post outfit pictures with them in future monthly favorites.

Biker shorts: These are my summer leggings. My biggest struggle with these is avoiding a front seam so I don’t always have to wear a big t-shirt to cover them, but my favorites are from Amazon and Target.


Blazers: I actually got these blazers a year ago today, and I can’t imagine what my life was like before them. I love that they don’t look like everyone else’s. They can be worn with so many things, and they’re cute and comfy. I want six pairs.

Uggs: I am shamelessly rocking my Ugg mids that I thrifted for $22 two years ago. I almost bought a pair of Ugg mini dupes, but I think my ankles are too skinny for those. My mids are good with leggings, folded outwards to see the fur and worn with sweats, or hidden under jeans or yoga pants to make them look like everyone else’s minis. No shame. But somehow I have no photos of good outfits with them.

Birks: I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND. HE BOUGHT ME BOSTON BIRKENSTOCKS. That’s it. But for real, I am so grateful. I hope to wear these for a good long time. They are comfy and kinda classy and a little bit funky and I love them.


Gold jewelry: although I wear the same four silver rings every day, I usually spice up my outfits with some gold pieces as well. I have a J necklace I got from my boyfriend that I haven’t taken off since he gave it to me in November. I recently broke my favorite pair of gold hoop earrings, so I am still on the lookout for those. But I usually wear a little pair of gold and pearl hoop huggies from Amazon every day.

Hats: if you’re an avid follower of yours truly, you’ve been following my beanie kick lately. But hats have always been awesome. Unfortunately, my head is too small to be one of those cool trucker hat girls, but I am always searching for that perfect thrifted baseball cap. I also am an avid enjoyer of Carhartt beanies. My secret? Buy the kid size so your head doesn’t resemble something phallic. My crocheted beanies have also been a huge hit. I have created them for at least six of my friends, and they are my new favorite things to gift. I am also making myself three new colors right now. Hats just spice everything up and are awesome for bad hair days.

I hope you guys liked this type of post! Please let me know your thoughts. I hope I was able to provide some inspiration or some new ideas. I am always combing through Pinterest and my brain for new combinations and creations. Let me know what else you would like to see!

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